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A brief history of Chelmsford Market

Chelmsford, and its market, have been in existence for a very long time.

There has been a Chelmsford market since the late thirteenth century.

In September 1199, the Bishop of London (William de Sainte Mère Eglise) was given a royal charter giving him the right to hold a market every friday in Chelmsford, Essex by King John.

Originally the chartered market site was in the shape of a stretched triangle covering the areas of Tindal Square - Tindal Street - Chelmsford High Street.

In olden times a market was an even more important centre of local life than nowadays.
Because transportation was poor provisions had to be bought locally - no cars, trains, or buses about back then !

Historically Chelmsford market was a vital commercial centre for much of Essex.
Both buyers and sellers travelled from all corners of Essex, and beyond, to buy the market produce and hopefully get a bargain or two.
Over 815 years later and there are still bargains to be had at the modern Chelmsford market.